Monday, September 22, 2008


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Of which there are none!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thing 23 Provide us with feedback

There were times that I didnt think I would get this far - nothing like the pressure of a deadline to get you moving!!

I have to say that I have enjoyed the going through the 23 Things - not sure that I can see a use for all of them as far as work is concerned - but I'm sure that there are good uses for some of them - will look forward to seeing what comes out of our discussion about this!! I will definitely continue to use some of them myself - both for work and personally

Thanks Jason for your work in setting it up - it has been fun

Thing 22 Read about Library 2.0

Read about Library 2.0 - one could go on forever - obviously there are many and varied views on the subject

I am looking forward to planning day and where the discussion on Web 2.0 leads us - from reading our blogs we have a variety of opinions floating around

A quote of interest:

Steven believes that many of us are putting the cart before the horse: employing technologies before we figure out which problems they might solve:
Whether it is owing to a lack of time, a desire to quickly implement new technologies, or allowing bandwagon mentality to rule, rarely do most of us allow sufficient time to carefully design a strategy for technology innovation. Not only do we likely fail to conduct an analysis to first determine the feasibility of a new technology application, but we rarely take the time to adequately determine if our users would value the new service. In a nutshell, our approach is to identify a solution before we fully understand the problem.

Thing 21 iGoogle

Have been having fun with this - have managed to set up iGoogle with gadget links to the many and varied things that I have joined - so now access is all on one page which is good

Think I will make time to get it organised properly so that it is useful and therefore will use it

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thing 20 Google Book Search

this user's library - Google Book Search

A link to my library for what it is worth - not much added. Between this and LibraryThing think I could find them useful when I am on the search for reading material

Thing 19 Google Documents

Have only had a fairly brief look at this - not sure that it is something I would use although I can see why it could be useful - would have thought we would have better ways of sharing documents in the library

When I have time might get back to it to check it out further - hard to see it taking over from Word or the like but who knows!!! Although now I think about it I think that I read somewhere that web based applications will be the way of the future

Thing 18 Google Maps

I havent been able to spend a lot of time on this but think it is good fun - interesting to see your house etc on it - found my family home where I grew up in the country

Liked My Maps - could spend time fooling around with it

Cant say that I can see any use for this in the library...........